Club Rules

  • Members must sign in daily. Please use the main gate.
  • Guests must be signed in and paid for prior to or upon arrival. Guests will not be admitted without a member present.
  • Members are responsible for conveying club rules to their guests.
  • On bad days -i.e.- cloudy, rainy, dark, threatening, etc. we will not be open. If the weather turns bad during club hours, we reserve the right to close early. The beach will be cleared at first sound of thunder and will remain closed for 20-30 min after the last clap of thunder is heard. Covered areas are not to be used as storm shelters. Members may wait out minor storms in their vehicles.
  • Smokers: Please be considerate to other members…do not leave cigarette butts on the beach.
  • Children are not allowed to play on the boat docks. If accompanied by an adult, they may fish from the two docks closest to shore. Shoes are required in the boating area of the club.
  • Roller skates, in-line skates and skate boards are not allowed on club property.
  • Pets are not allowed on club property at any time.
  • Our telephone is a business phone. It may be used for important calls and only with permission.
  • The pavilion, the bathrooms and the picnic area are not places for children to play.
  • Running and horseplay are not allowed on the beach, docks or rafts.
  • Alcohol Abuse is prohibited. Anyone who appears intoxicated will be removed from club property.

Water Rules

  • No floats, tubes or kick boards of any kind are permitted on or near either raft. (Water wings are permitted at the shallow water raft. Lifejackets are permitted at both rafts.)
  • Swimmers with tubes should not be over their heads.
  • Life jackets worn while swimming to the deep water raft must be kept on – If you can not swim the distance without one, you shouldn’t take it off when you get there!
  • The ropes that are used to mark off the swimming area are not to be used as a guide to help anyone “make it” to either raft, however, children are encouraged to swim near the rope in case they get into trouble (the lifeguard can tell the difference). Nobody should swim outside these ropes without permission.
  • Anyone seen breaking the rules at any time will be removed from the water.
  • Flips, back dives or any other type of gymnastics off rafts are prohibited. Swimming under the raft is prohibited.
  • Only jumping is permitted from the shallow water raft. NO DIVING!!! Please explain the risks associated with shallow water diving to your children. Please advise your children to look before they jump.


  • Lifeguards are on duty from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Our lifeguards are not baby-sitters. Please watch your own children.
  • The lifeguards are in charge. Disobeying them or the rules may cause loss of membership.
  • The lifeguards have our permission to make any new rules which they deem appropriate to keep everyone safe from harm.
  • If it becomes necessary, our lifeguards have permission to ban members (and their guests) from either raft for the entire season.

Again: Please explain the risks associated with shallow water diving to your children. This can be extremely dangerous as well as life-threatening!!.

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